The Computer Graphics course is all about graphic design.  Wherever you look you see graphic design.  Television, movies, billboards, album arts, books, magazines- everywhere.  This course is all about learning how to "make it yourself".  It is one thing to look at an image or an illustration and say, "That's cool."  It is another thing to look at an image or an illustration and say, "I know how to do that."  We want to make progress in saying, "I know how to do that."  The course includes working with images in Photoshop, creating illustrations using Illustrator, creating animation using Adobe Animate and After Effects, and some 3D modeling using Google Sketchup.

Business Information Technology is about developing computer skills that are useful in school and in a business setting.  The course focuses on the proper use of a variety of applications with emphasis on knowing which tool to use for which job.  Part of the class is about productivity and will employ the Microsoft Office (2016) package including instruction in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher.  Part of the course will be devoted to improving keyboarding skill.  Yet another part of the course will focus on basic graphic design, (not as detailed as the Computer Graphics course), as it relates to common business problems and challenges.